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About Me

Marci Tressel , originally from Ohio, fell in love with the low country while on a vacation on Hilton Head in 1972 with her family and spontaneously decided  to stay. Tressel graduated from Ohio State with emphasis in art, architecture and photography.


Having lived on Hilton Head for so many years, and seeing all the changes on the sea islands, it has become a personal interest for Tressel to try to preserve a fragment of the romantic lore that is all but lost.  Tressel creates her indigo mirrors, using the Gullah’s haint blue as a reminder of the sea island culture . Unhindered by preconceived

ideas about how art should look, Tressel’s indigo mirrors are stimulating and reflect a unique vision of cross–cultural influences and the heart of the sea islands.


In addition to her handmade indigo mirrors, Tressel’s love of nature and wildlife have inspired her to expand her artwork through photography. Her interest in photography began many years ago with her studies with Minor White, a well-know photographer whose own resume includes collaborative projects with Ansel Adams. Tressel says she has learned a great deal about photographic sensitivity and spirituality during her studies with Minor and her experiences still influence her today. A professional photographer and artist, Tressel also works in real estate.


Tressel’s art can be found in offices and homes throughout the United States and Europe.  Her artwork can be viewed at The Maye River Gallery in Old Town Bluffton.


You may contact Marci Tressel at :  or visit her website at:

Contact Me

Cell :843-301-3030

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